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You must provide us with your name, email address, home address, phone number, social security or federal tax identification number, date of birth, military status, identification number (Driver’s License, State Identification or United States passport), bank name, routing number, account number and account type, and your employer’s name, address and phone number if applicable. You must also provide us with your most recent monthly bank statement or other proof of account ownership prior to your first loan and if you change bank accounts. Current proof of income is required prior to each loan. Acceptable proof of income is a pay stub with a pay date or period ending date not more than one month prior to the loan date, or any other record of income received in the one month period ending on the loan date. Self-employment income may require additional verification, and you will be notified by email if so. Income from alimony, child support or separate maintenance need not be revealed if you do not want it considered in determining your creditworthiness. All credit decisions are made in our discretion and are not based on any consumer or credit report, or on any score derived therefrom.


Go to My Profile and enter all applicable information. After your profile is saved you will be prompted to upload your bank statement and proof of income. You need only submit your bank statement if it will also serve as proof of income. Supporting documents may also be submitted by fax, text or email. We will set your credit line and interest rate after we review your profile and supporting documents, usually within thirty minutes after we receive all required information.

Go to Get a Loan to see loan terms and submit a request. Enter any amount to see the payment schedule, interest rate and finance charge. When ready to proceed, enter the amount you want and submit a request. Loans are issued on banking days only, and we will email you when a decision is made. When a loan is issued we email you with “E-Sign Required” in the subject line and a link to review and electronically sign the documents. After you sign, executed copies of the loan documents are emailed to you and we schedule funding. Loans are usually funded by ACH credit to your bank account. ACH funding is scheduled for the next banking day if the documents are signed by 1:00 pm central time, otherwise it is scheduled for the second next banking day. We will email you if funding will be by other means or will take longer, and if it will take longer then interest will be credited for the period of delay. Loan documents must be signed before midnight, but we strongly advise signing as soon as possible to minimize the risk of delay. You may cancel a request at any time before a loan is issued, and you may cancel a loan if you have not signed the documents. You may submit a new request at any time after a request or loan is cancelled.

Go to View & Pay Loans then any loan number to see details, sign documents or schedule a payment. You may schedule payments up to a month in advance, but only one payment may be scheduled for any given date. A scheduled payment will post to the loan on the date that you select, provided that the deadline for same-day posting is 1:00 pm central time on banking days, and provided further that if the date you select is not a banking day then the payment will post on the next banking day. You may edit or cancel a payment at any time before it is due to be posted. Payments are processed as ACH debits to your bank account within two banking days after posting.